Policy codes for companies
PF00     Company deleted
PF01     Bankrupt
PF02     Bankruptcy proceedings instituted
PF03     Under forced liquidation
PF04     Notice of forced liquidation
PF05     Registered insolvency
PF06     Registered seizure
PF07     Ongoing composition
PF08     Absence of board of directors, and/or chairman of the board and/or auditor
PF09     Absent general manager
PF10     Annual accounts not submitted
PF12     Severe own default registered
PF14     Company type not scored
PF15     Unidentified proprietor
PF16     Partner not scored
PF17     No partners registered
PF18     Company has a registered payment remark
PF19     Proprietor/Partner bankrupt
PF20     Payment remark registered
PF21     Nothing to attach registered
PF31     Severe auditor remark
PF32     More than 2/3 of share capital lost
PF34     Annual accounts not submitted
PF35     Notice to creditors: Company reported defunct
PF36     Notice to creditors: The company is being merged, evaluate side collateral and the acquiring company
PF37     Notice to creditors: Demerger reported - assigning company
PF38     Defect/faulty submitted annual accounts
PF39     Previous fiscal year non-operative
PF41     Minor default registered
PF42     Negative equity
PF43     Newly registered company
PF44     No registered annual accounts
PF45     Not registered in the register of Business Enterprises
PF51     Key personnel have unsettled payment remarks
PF52     Key personnel resigned
PF53     Payment remark registered
PF54     The company has settled payment remarks
PF55     Change in key personnel
PF56     Notice to creditors: Change in capital
PF57     Telephone number not registered, company existed more than 180 days
PF58     Payment remark registered
PF63     Partner resigned
PF64     Less than 2 partners
PF65     Complete change of the board
PF81     Partner figure assessed
PF82     Partner company assessed
PF84     Notice to creditors; merger reported, assigning company
PF85     Notice to creditors; demerger reported, assigning company
PF86     Annual report commentary
PF87     Increase of capital following most recently submitted annual accounts
PF88     Considerable subordinated loan capital or stock registered
PF89     Public corporation
PF90     Annual accounts not submitted
PF92     Company not scored
PF93     Department - see main department for credit evaluation

Policy codes for individuals, proprietor and participant
PP00     Deceased person
PP01     Closure of bankruptcy proceedings
PP02     Commencement of bankruptcy proceedings
PP03     Commencement of debt negotiations
PP04     Composition registered
PP05     Registered insolvency
PP06     Unsettled payment remark
PP08     Under 18 years of age
PP09     Person without permanent residence
PP12     Major own default registered
PP14     Restricted personal identification number
PP21     Nothing to attach registered
PP22     Wage / social security deduction registered
PP31     Person emigrant
PP32     Non-assessed
PP33     Obsolete assessment
PP34     Incomplete assessment
PP35     Joint assessment
PP36     Person with D-number (immigrant tax-assessed in Norway)
PP37     Person without address
PP38     Person with secret address
PP39     Settled payment remark
PP41     Minor default registered
PP42     Non-taxpayer
PP43     Low wealth
PP44     Low income
PP45     Low income and low wealth
PP46     Considerable wealth registered