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Have you received a letter of notification?

When someone requests an assessment of your creditworthiness, you automatically receive a letter of notification. In this letter you will find information about who made the inquiry and what information was distributed.

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What is a payment remark?

It is a remark registered to a person (or an enterprise) concerning a debt collection case, judgement by consent, attachment of property or earnings or insolvency.

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Do you want to block access to your credit information?

In case of identity card loss or theft you should always consider blocking access to your credit information.

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Soliditet Decision offers:

  • Quality-assured and up-to-date information
  • Scorecards for optimum credit rating and decision support 
  • Monitoring that detects risk in your portfolio 
  • User- friendly interface 
  • Qualified decisions that increase profitability. Say YES to the right customers!

What products and services can we offer your company?

We supplies credit information and services in the areas of decision support, advisory services, analyses and scorecard development, and we assist in finding and assessing new customers and in managing existing customers.

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