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About us

CreditEasy, previously known as Soliditet Decision, is a web portal provided by Bisnode Norge AS (former AAA Soliditet AS), which in turn is owned by Swedish company Bisnode AB. In this portal you will get credit information and services in the areas of decision support, advisory services, analyses and scorecard development. Soliditet Decision AS was a separate legal entity which was taken over by and merged with AAA Soliditet AS in 2011. 

Bisnode's products and services form a natural part of our customers' value-creation process, and we assist in finding and assessing new customers and in managing existing customers.

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Customer selection

The sales process is the most important and often the most resource-intensive part of our customers' business activities. Our experience is that many companies spend an unnecessary amount of time on potential customers who turn out to be non-creditworthy. We use Bisnode's tools to review and identify customers who default on their payments or are close to bankruptcy, and advise you about the customers that you should target in your sales efforts.

Assessing new customers

If you sell on credit, you should also carry out credit checks. Our service offers credit assessments of both companies and individuals, either online or through integration with the customer's CRM or computer system. Bisnode uses a scoring model to assess risk in our CreditEasy services. Scoring is a statistical method that generates excellent predictions. We also offers customised decision models and analyses to optimise your credit policy.

Managing existing customers

Most companies are good at assessing their customers on start-up of the customer relationship. However, in reality, existing customers account for a majority of losses. With monitoring, you can quickly check for critical events that may cause losses in a customer portfolio.