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Our analyses

Our analysis department leads the field in credit scoring in Norway and the Nordic countries, and it provides a full range of services from specific analyses to reviews of the customers' work processes and credit processes, with subsequent proposals for solutions.

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We develop a wide spectre of customised scorecards, including Application, Behaviour and Churn.

A scorecard developed by Bisnode generates more sales (more green customers), efficiency gains (fewer yellow customers) and reduces the customer's losses.

The scorecards are unique in the market due to our access to debt collection information.

Solvency analysis

A solvency analysis uses Lindorff's unique generic debt collection information. By analysing customer data in relation to solvency, we can separate between good and more risky customers from a debt collection perspective.

The analysis provides our customer with advice on how to reduce losses and increase profitability. Combined with Lindorff's empirical experience, the debt collection data generate accurate loss predictions. It is also possible to assess credit policy, marketing, agents and sales offices.

Decision Review

The Decision Review analysis investigates our customer's credit policy, aiming to identify specific measures to improve profitability. We use the customer's own history of debt collection and credit searches, portfolio data and generic debt collection information (solvency data) to test three different parts of the customer's credit policy:

  • The policy rules
  • Cut-off
  • The score card