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Credit information company

CreditEasy offers quality-assured information about enterprises. This means that you can reduce the risk of losses, at the same time as you acquire a solid decision-support basis that enables you to optimise the management of your customer portfolio.

  • We help you to find new, profitable customers.
  • We detect risk so that you avoid losses and save time and money.
  • We help you to ensure that the right credit limits are offered to the right customers.

On the basis of valuable, quality-assured information about all legal enterprises registered in the Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities, we help our customers to reduce the risk of losses through optimum credit ratings and decision support. Our solution is suitable for large, small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Our database contains both critical information such as accounts, non-payment records and credit scores, and in-depth information such as historical records, industry information, composition of the board of directors and information about signatures/powers of procuration.

The following three main elements make our service unique:

Decision Score Company calculates the likelihood of insolvency (winding-up proceedings, compulsory liquidation, insolvency and/or voluntary debt settlement) for an enterprise during the next 12 months. Several other variables, separately and in combination, determine the score. In addition to the statistical probability, our unique policy rules also affect the credit rating.

Payment Index ranks limited liability companies (AS) based on their probability of default of payment, i.e. the estimated probability of non-payment 90 days after the case was sent for debt collection.

Decision Limit calculates the recommended maximum credit for the enterprise types AS, ASA, BA, BBL, GFS and SPA that belong to zones 3-5. The model is a supplement to Decision Score Company, and it helps to ensure that the right credit limits are offered to the right customers.