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Credit information private individuals

CreditEasy offers quality-assured information about private individuals. This means that you can reduce the risk of losses, at the same time as you acquire a solid decision-support basis that enables you to optimise the management of your customer portfolio.

  • We help you to determine who is able and willing to pay.
  • We help you to ensure that the right credit limits are offered to the right customers. 

Our database contains information about approximately 4.3 million Norwegians, and it meets all your needs in connection with credit assessment of private individuals.

Credit information private individuals contains information such as basic personal data, Decision Score Person, tax assessment (past three years), estimated gross income, name and address history, business interests, non-payment records and any security furnished voluntarily.

Decision Score Person tells you in a simple and user-friendly manner which customers have a high, medium and low risk of default. On the basis of extensive analyses, we have identified the most important variables that best predict the likelihood of a person defaulting on commercial credit (non-payment record or debt collection) during the next 12 months. These variables, by themselves or in combination, decide which zone a person belongs to. In addition to the statistical likelihood of defaulting on commercial credit, we also employ a set of overriding policy rules that may affect the decision to grant credit.