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Our monitoring service alerts you of any changes in your corporate customer portfolio. You receive an email message as soon as a change occurs, whether it concerns new accounts, new non-payment records or changed creditworthiness.

  • Monitoring gives you an overview of your customers, at the same time as you avoid losses on receivables and save time and resources.
  • Monitoring existing customers is important, as they account for 80% of all losses.

It is important to carry out a credit check of new customers, but it is equally important to maintain a good overview of existing customers. Creditworthiness may change from one day to the next, and even customers who appear to be financially sound may suddenly become insolvent.

If you monitor your customer portfolio, you no longer need to carry out regular credit checks of your customers. Instead, you will immediately receive notification of important events such as bankruptcies/ dissolutions, striking-off and changed scores. You administer the monitoring portfolio yourself and can freely add or remove customers if you wish to start/stop monitoring them.

You will automatically receive notification by email when one or more of the following elements change: Decision Score, policy rule, merger/demerger, insolvency, dissolution, striking-off, non-submission of accounts, submission of accounts, non-payment records, general manager, composition of the board of directors, share capital, auditor, name of enterprise, address, in liquidation and notified voluntary arrangement. We also offer specified monitoring where you select the elements that your company needs to monitor.